Mental Illness is the #1 problem for our community; it affects families, law enforcement, first responders, our hospital, businesses, and sadly, our jails. It also affects every age, nationality, race and gender. Mental Illness does not discriminate, and no one “chooses” to have the illness; just as they don’t choose to have cancer, or arthritis, or any other physical illness. No one is made to feel shame for having cancer or heart disease; but they are for having a mental illness.

A group of individuals came together to change the way people look at mental illness and to give it a voice. Many organizations support physical illnesses; The American Heart Association; Susan G. Komen; The Arthritis Foundation; The American Cancer Society; yet no one wants to talk about mental illness. The group comprised of industry and business leaders came from ClientFirst Behavioral Health, Piedmont Natural Gas, and Curtis Media Group, to form “Stop the Whispers”, to create a county-wide marketing campaign to bring awareness to stop the shame, and to let the 1 out of 4 individuals affected by a mental illness know that it’s “okay to not be okay!”

After the initial campaign and Town Hall Meeting, the next event is an epic “Lip Sync Battle” with some of Wayne County’s most known faces like Kate Daniels, Geoff Hulse, Julie Beck, Becky Craig, Octavius Murphy, Wayne Alley, Kirk Keller Erin Fonseca, and more! Watch them perform a lip sync, a symbolic gesture for an illness without a voice, and then vote the champion of the night!

The event will be held August 12th at 7 p.m. and ALL proceeds go directly to the Mental Health Association in Wayne County, to continue the campaign in Wayne County to stop the suffereing, stop the suicides…STOP THE WHISPERS!!

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