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With live music, tap dancing, physical comedy and multiple styles of puppetry, Joshua Holden and his puppet sidekick, Mr. Nicholas, are sure to bring out everyone’s joyful side in this whimsical show.

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“Your show is wonderful and you are a very talented lad – a triple threat, as they’d say in Hollywood! Most importantly, the mix of message and appeal are ‘very Skirball’ and you’re doing what we try to do with our programs; namely, to provide families with something wondrous, inspiring, and so fun it makes them happy, but that also encourages them to think about how they can contribute to doing good in the world. Thanks for being such a gem to work with.” — Jason Porter, Associate Director of Education, Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles

“You have a really special show there. My kids have seen all of our Family Series programming and your show was our favorite by far.” — Katie Roche, Development Director, Englert Theatre, Iowa City, IA

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