This event is simply an Old School Classic rhythm and blues concert. The headlining artist is The SOS Band (featuring Bruno and Gino Speight). This legendary recording act has 15 hit records that spanned from 1979-1992. The band still tours world wide. In fact, they did a six month tour last year in South Korea. So while continuing to serve our Fanbase, we are engaging in bringing the full blown production to our fans that live in the fabulous smaller markets. We have never stopped loving the small and intimate settings. So we are very excited about coming to Goldsboro North Carolina. Also, three of the band members were born and raised right down the road in Kinston, North Carolina.

So this event is a concert with no intermission. However, we will have a comedian that will do a short set just to loosen people up a little bit. And after that the concert will begin.

We plan to continue to bring big production type concerts to intimate settings. This is a sure way to finally get up close and personal with the Fanbase and continue to thank them for all of their continued years of support by bringing the shows to markets and communities that for a long time been deprived a big-time entertainment. So we are so excited. Peace and blessings to all.