Paramount Theatre Staff

Sherry Archibald, Rebecca Flores, and Stephanie Slusser.
The staff of the Paramount Theatre
Sherry Archibald
Sherry ArchibaldTheatre Director
Sherry Archibald has been the Director of the Paramount Theatre since its reconstruction in 2008.
Stephanie Slusser
Stephanie SlusserService Coordinator
Stephanie is excited to join the Paramount team.
Diane Belmont
Diane BelmontBuilding Attendant
John Bergman
John BergmanCustodian
Beecher Britt
Beecher BrittBuilding Attendant
Joe Collins
Joe CollinsTechnician
Cheyenne Corbitt
Cheyenne CorbittTechnician
Scott Ely
Scott ElyTechnician
Matt Figueras
Matt FiguerasBuilding Attendant
Rebecca Flores
Rebecca FloresBox Office Attendant
Jayson Keeton
Jayson KeetonTechnician
Alex Mark
Alex MarkTechnician
Derrick Moore
Derrick MooreBuilding Attendant
Marcus Pridgen
Marcus PridgenTechnician
Linda Sampson
Linda SampsonBuilding Attendant
Mike Saviak
Mike SaviakTechnician
Bud Taricani
Bud TaricaniTechnician
Becky Woods
Becky WoodsTechnician
Darren Young
Darren YoungBuilding Attendant