The Paramount Theatre Foundation


Emily & David Weil
(Mr. Weil is the President of the Paramount Theatre Foundation)

Originally established to help the reconstruction of the Paramount Theatre, the Paramount Theatre Foundation continues to provide quality support to the theatre in the form of area partnerships and an annual sponsorship drive. The foundation gives the Paramount the ability to purchase new, state-of-the-art equipment in the hopes of keeping the theatre up to date and stocked with amenities.

The foundation, in coordination with the Paramount Theatre staff, seeks out new partnerships. Current projects include special performances and programs from East Carolina University’s School of Theatre & Dance.

The goals of the Paramount Theatre Foundation are to promote the quality of life of the citizens of Goldsboro and Wayne County, North Carolina by financially supporting the operations of The Paramount Theatre, to promote the community welfare by supplemental funding of the operations of The Paramount Theatre so that the Theatre provides quality entertainment for the whole community, and to supplement the funding of the Theatre so that the Theatre can remain affordable, which should encourage the establishment of new music, dance and theatre groups that represent all of the community.

The Paramount Theatre Foundation is 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The Foundation will gladly accept gifts of any amount for the future growth of the Paramount Theatre. Please call (919) 583-8432 for sponsorship inquiries or mail gifts directly to: The Paramount Theatre Foundation, P.O. Box 2063, Goldsboro, NC 27533